NHL Trade Rumors: Roberto Luongo Waives No Trade Clause


When Roberto Luongo signed a 12 year contract with the Vancouver Canucks, it was intended to last forever. With the emergence of Cory Schneider who was second in NHL save percentage with (.937) and third in goals against average with (1.96), Luongo is expendable just 2 years into the contract.

According to GM Mike Gillis: "The emergence of Cory to be so outstanding a young goalie changed the landscape. We're in middle of a changing landscape and we have to evaluate it."
"Yeah, of course, if they ask me to," Roberto Luongo had to say about waiving his no trade clause. Luongo also commented on Schneider, "It's a very unique circumstance we're in, where we've got an elite young guy who is probably going to dominate the League for many years. So I'm not sure what I would do if I was GM. … "

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