NHL Trade Rumors: Shea Weber Signs with Philadelphia Flyers

Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators is upset with his current team. The Preds took him to arbitration last year and offered him less than $5 million a season. Also, his defensive partner Ryan Suter left the Predators a few weeks ago and it appears like the franchise is going through a rebuild. Weber stated he does not want to be a part of a rebuild.

Weber found his ticket out in the form of an offer sheet by the Philadelphia Flyers who are in desperate need of a replacement for Chris Pronger. The offer sheet is for $7.86 million a season for 14 seasons and the Preds have 7 days to match or lose their elite defenseman.

GM David Poile is in a tough predicament. The Preds are a franchise which lose money and matching the offer sheet involves paying Weber $27 million for the first season he signs. Look for the Nashville Predators to let disgruntled Shea Weber skip town and receive compensation from the Philadelphia Flyers in the form of 4 first round NHL draft picks.

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