2013 Hockey Pool Picks: Pekka Rinne


Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators is a huge goalie who takes up most of the net, giving little space for shooters. Last season he played the most games of any goalie and got the most wins with a fair amount of shutouts. Although his team got substantially weaker with the loss of Ryan Suter, Rinne remains an excellent hockey pool pick.

Rinne is a butterfly style of goaltender, dropping to his knees early to make it difficult to beat him on low shot attempts. He is currently the second largest starting goalie in the NHL at 6 foot 5 inches behind Anders Lindback of the Tampa Bay Lightning, which gives him a long reach with his stick and leg pads. Rinne is known to be quick and nimble, making him hard to beat. If you want to get quick and nimble like Rinne, check this exercise programs.

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