NHL Lockout News: Alex Ovechkin Signs with Dynamo Moscow


Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals signed a contract with the Dynamo Moscow of the KHL. Ovechkin who is one of the more vocal players left for Russia with these threatening words:
“As to the future, it will depend on what kind of conditions there will be in the NHL with the new CBA. If our contracts get slashed, I will have to think whether to return there or not. I won’t rule out staying in the KHL, even past this season.”

Looking for players rewards card click here... The main issue that is causing the NHL Lockout is that the owners want to cut player salaries, plus limit the length of contracts and what rookies could earn. The players have stated that they will not accept any cutbacks in salaries.
If Ovechkin follows through with his threat and stays in Russia, it would create an international hockey incident:
• He would be in violation of his contract with the Capitals, which is until 2020-21.
• It would also go against the agreement between the NHL and KHL about honouring each other’s contracts and would bring sanctions from the IIHF.
• Bad blood between hockey’s two major powers threatens the Olympics (in Russia in 2014) and the world championship.

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