2013 NHL Playoffs: Odds to win the Stanley Cup

2013 NHL Playoffs: Odds to win the Stanley Cup
Team                               Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins            7/2
Chicago Blackhawks         4/1
Boston Bruins                    8/1
Montreal Canadiens           10/1
Anaheim Ducks                 10/1
San Jose Sharks                12/1
Washington Capitals          14/1
Vancouver Canucks          14/1
St. Louis Blues                  15/1
Los Angeles Kings            15/1
Minnesota Wild                 18/1
New York Rangers           20/1
Toronto Maple Leafs         25/1
New York Islanders          30/1
Detroit Red Wings             30/1
Ottawa Senators                30/1

According to Vegas, the favorites to win the Stanley Cup are the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins. I agree with Vegas when it comes to selecting the top 3 favorites, but my top 5 differs from Vegas. I'd include the St Louis Blues and LA Kings in my top 5 odds favorites to win the Cup. Betting on NHL games is exciting. Stay informed of game outcomes with the ice tracker.

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