NHL Report: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Extensions at $10.8M AAV


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are the franchise players of the Chicago Blackhawks, who have won 2 Stanley Cups in the last 4 NHL seasons. They are the best players at elevating their games for the playoffs. Both are signed to a $6.3 million annual cap hit contract, which lasts until the end of the 2014-2015 season.

Kane is a 25 year old right winger and Toews is a 26 year old center. They are in their primes and looking for a huge raise. Multiple sources report that Toews and Kane are expected to sign 8 year contract extensions soon with the Blackhawks, an annual cap hit of $10.8 million. 

Kane and Toews would be the highest paid players in NHL history. While other players would make more money next season, the Kane and Toews contracts would have the highest annual contract value. For example, Shea Weber gets paid $14 million next season but because his deal extends to 2025-26 at a total of $110 million, the annual value of Weber's contract is $7.86 million.

The Blackhawks will need to shed salary when they extend Toews and Kane. Bryan Bickell who makes $4 million per season and Patrick Sharp who makes $5.9 million per season are the most likely players to be traded for salary relief.

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