Toews and Kesler Rivalry Heats Up

nhl playoffs 2015 ryan kesler jonathan toews

The rivalry between Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews and Anaheim Ducks Ryan Kesler has heated up for the 2015 NHL Playoffs. The two centers faced off against each other three straight years in the playoffs while Kesler was a member of the Vancouver Canucks, and now face off again. Kesler had this to say about Toews:

If I play against him in this series, I’m sure we won’t hug each other on the dot - let’s just say that. Toews is a good player. We match up against each other. When you play the same guy for six, seven games in a row, obviously there’s going to be a rivalry there.

Toews had this to say about Kesler:

[Kesler] is definitely a player you respect and challenge yourself against. Most of all he plays a smart, gritty game defensively. He tries to take other top players off their game. I think our guys know he’s one of those guys we have to be concerned with - try to not let him have an easy time with us and let him play his game too easily.

Kesler has four goals and five assists in 9 playoff games this season while Toews has four goals and seven assists in 10 games.

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