"I'm treated differently because of my race" - Evander Kane

He's viewed as a hot-head, someone who is less than the ideal player. Some would go as far as call him a chirper.

However in a recent interview, Evander Kane stated that the perception of him around the League isn't due to his bad behavior or even his poor attitude, he believes it's because of a different reason.

There are a lot of guys I could point to that everybody knows publicly who have been accused of doing a lot worse things than I have. But, they don't look like me.

While Kane has been under a lot of scrutiny, especially after a blow up season with the Winnipeg Jets last season, some would argue that high profile athletes feel like they're always under the microscope regardless of their race.

Do you think that players, and by extension the fans judge Evander Kane more harshly because of his race?

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