Video: Kid gets a big surprise after man steals puck given to him by Dan Bylsma

An eight year old boy from Pittsburgh became a sensation at the Consol Energy Center overnight after a man stole the puck thrown to him from Buffalo Sabres head coach, Dan Bylsma.

I couldn't realize what happened, said Trey Dopson in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The kid said he welcomed the Sabres head coach Dan Bylsma on Thursday night and when he went down the stairs, Bylsma threw him a game puck and a man stole the puck given by the head coach of the Sabres.

I realized the problem with the response of the crowd, Bylsma said after the game. He received a jersey, so maybe that's a good thing he stole the puck.

Several people saw the incident in the stands while the video went viral, and many of them have contacted the Penguins Organization in order to rectify the situation. Trey now keeps precious memories, but this young man has shown that he is being generous: he offered one of two pucks to this little sister, Olivia. The father and mother of Trey noted that they were proud of the reaction of their boy. The kid is simply returned to his seat without making a scene.

Trey has no hate or anger against the man he stole it.

Mr. Dopson hopes nobody wishes Karma on the fate of this man, who could not be reached to comment on why he did such a thing. Trey's father raised the hypothesis that the man in question may have kept the puck to give it to his child.

We do not know his situation, and that's why we do not want to react and be angry with him,  said Mr. Dopson.

Trey and revealed the best moral of the story, with a big smile. The best man always emerges victorious! Watch the viral video below:

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