Evander Kane facing non-criminal charges

Buffalo Sabres Evander Kane is facing non-criminal harassment charges after an incident on June 24th, outside the Bottoms Up club in Buffalo.

Kane is accused of grabbing two women, including a third woman by the throat and hair, who has not came forward to press any charges. Kane also struck the club's bouncer after he warned Kane to stop his aggressive behaviour. Paul J. Cambria has stated that his client denies any wrongdoing.

Evander steadfastly maintains that he did not do anything wrong. We have seen the videos and they do not support that Kane did anything wrong. I am sick and tired of sources making inflammatory allegations. If you claim something happened, don't hide in the shadows. Anonymous sources are worthless. The courtroom is where the truth comes out.

In December of 2015, Kane was investigated for sexual assault. No criminal complaint was filed, and authorities concluded that nothing illegal happened. Sabres' GM Tim Murray stated that Kane must behave better. He will meet with the 24 year old once the legal process ends.

Acting District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty, Jr., said in March, after the first allegations, that there would not be charges filed against Kane:

After a careful and diligent examination of all the known facts, including the results of forensic and toxicological testing, neither the provable facts nor the applicable law support the filing of any criminal charges or a prosecution in this matter.

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