New Rules in the AHL

The American Hockey League has announced that there will be new rules imposed for the 2016-17 campaign. The rules are mostly made to cut down on staged fights and take out the players that fall into the "goon" category.

New Rule #1: AHL players won't be allowed to fight straight off the draw. For example, anything like this will result in an immediate ejection:

Players who enter into a fight prior to, at, or immediately following the drop of the puck for a faceoff will be assessed an automatic game misconduct in addition to other penalties assessed.

This is a clear attempt to remove staged fights in the game. Most of these staged fights have given legitimate fights a bad name in the sport.  
New Rule #2: After 10th fighting major, the player will receive a 1-game suspension.

New Rule #3: There is no timeout after icing has occurred.

New Rule #4: Team's will wear light jerseys at home until Christmas then the dark ones after.

Toronto Marlies forward Rich Clune on the new AHL fighting rules.

Save you reporters some time. The 10 fight limit and no fighting off the face-off rule is great. Fighting isn't done, just guys who suck are.

Do you agree with the new rules?

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