Chance and Ice: Break Away Slot Machine

break away online slot game

Does chance have a role in sports like ice hockey? Well, if you take a good look at them, you'll see there are quite a few things that may or may not happen that can influence the outcome of any game. Still, the role of chance is minor in the world of sports, far less than that of preparation, skill, and perseverance.

There is one place, though, where sports and chance collide, where both of them have the same goal - to keep players entertained. The place is called Euro Palace Casino, with a game called Break Away slot machine.

Reels and ice

There are just a handful of slot machines inspired by ice hockey - which is a surprise, considering how popular the sport is. Break Away, released at the Euro Palace Casino a few years ago, is one of the few, and also happens to be one of the games that takes its inspiration seriously. The Euro Palace and other gaming venues list several sports-inspired slot machines, but there are only a few of them that don't combine sports with cartoonish looks or humor. Break Away is one of these, paying a tribute to the world of ice hockey.

The game's reels are filled with ice hockey related symbols. Aside from the players and the referee, players can find diverse hockey-related things in the game - the rink, the skates, the sticks, an ice resurfacer, and even a replica of the Stanley Cup. The puck has a special role in the game: it serves as a Scatter symbol, triggering the game's Free Spins feature.

Rolling Reels and Smashing Wilds

While it's not a puzzle game by nature, the Break Away slot machine shares a popular feature with today's successful "match 3" games. Called "Rolling Reels", it will cause all symbols in a combination of three or more disappear from the screen, allowing others to fall into their place. This will allow other symbols to land in their place, possibly triggering further wins, which will then disappear, possibly leading to a whole cascade of wins. During Free Spins, the Rolling Reels feature is even better, as it also grows the multiplier applied to all subsequent wins.

Smashing Wilds is another popular feature in the game, triggered at random. When it happens, the reels spin for longer than usual, then a player appears, smashing into the reels. Chance will decide whether one of the affected reels or two of them will turn into Wild reels. What comes next has nothing to do with the chance: the spin triggering the Smashing Wilds is guaranteed to win.

Break Away is not a replacement for seeing a game of hockey but it's a small, fun game that will keep its fans tied to their seats for a while.

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