Breaking: USA Men's hockey team drops a bomb about World Championships

A bomb shell was dropped today by the men's American players that they will refuse to play in the World Championships in solidarity with the women if no agreement is reached. USA Hockey and the women players must reach an agreement prior to the World Championship, to be held in less than 40 days.

The issue of women's pay in international hockey has been dividing USA hockey world for weeks. Women players are demanding a living wage, so they can work on their skills full time.

The World Championship is exciting because competitive teams from the USA, Canada, Russia and the Scandinavian countries battle in the tournament. If one of these great teams is missing, the show will be much less entertaining and profits will fall.

With the NHL refusing to send its players to the next Olympics and now the USA men refusing to play in support of the women, there may be no more international play between competitive teams.

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