Breaking: Insane Upsets in the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery

nhl draft lottery 2017

The New Jersey Devils will pick first in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft after winning Saturday night’s draft lottery. The Philadelphia Flyers will select second, and the Dallas Stars pick third.

The Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks, Vegas Golden Knights and Arizona Coyotes had the best odds to win a top 3 draft pick, but they failed to win. The Avalanche dropped to 4th, Canucks dropped to 5th, Golden Knights dropped to 6th and Coyotes dropped to 7th pick.

The big winners were the Devils, who moved up from the 5th spot to 1st. The Flyers moved up from the 13th spot to 2nd. And the Stars moved up from 8th spot to 3rd.

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