Radulov may bring a friend to the Canadiens

Alexander Radulov is still looking for a new contract for next season. During his press conference last Monday, Habs general manager, Marc Bergevin, told the media that he hopes to sign Radulov in Montreal next season, but at a fair price, considering his age. Radulov seemed to express his interest on resigning with the organization.

According to Habs et LNH, journalist Richard Labbé believes Radulov could bring a star to sign with the club. His good old friend, Ilya Kovalchuk, could be tempted to follow his fellow Russian to sign with the Habs. Kovalchuk's rights in the NHL are still owned by the New Jersey Devils and the team who'd like to acquire him would have to make a trade.

However, Kovalchuk will have to undergo knee surgery due to an injury. Watch Radulov and Kovalchuk's chemistry in the KHL.

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