NHL Trade Rumors: Carey Price for Tyler Seguin

nhl trade rumors carey price

The Montreal Canadiens have been out of the NHL Playoffs for a few days, and the rumor mill is already in full swing. Fans are expecting a fire sale with a major shakeup to the roster.

Carey Price is the Habs most valuable trade chip. With one year remaining on his $6.5M AAV contract, it's expected Price will demand a huge raise when he negotiates a contract extension. Currently, the highest paid goalie in the league is Henrik Lundqvist at $8.5M AAV. Analyst Ken Campbell speculates on this trade possibility with the Dallas Stars.

The Habs desperately need a #1 center, so the trade makes some sense. It will be interesting to see if the Canadiens pull the trigger on this monster trade or do a minor retool.

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