NHL Trade Rumors: Alex Ovechkin to Montreal Canadiens

nhl trade rumors alex ovechkin

Superstar Alex Ovechkin is once again making trade rumor headlines. TSN analyst Andrew Zadarnowski posted on Twitter about a monster trade between the Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens.

Ovechkin trade rumors have been in full force since the beginning of June. We've covered the rumors every step of the way - from Montreal, to Dallas, to Vegas, to Calgary, and back to Montreal.

Although it's unlikely Ovechkin is traded, it is not impossible. This rumor may seem like nonsense, but Ovechkin has said he'd love to call Montreal home. The Canadiens need size up front and goal scoring. Ovechkin satisfies both those needs, and would be a great addition to the Habs.

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NHL Trade Rumors: Alex Ovechkin to Montreal Canadiens
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