Could the Senators leave Ottawa?

The Senators are the most exciting team thus far this season, with a record sheet of 8-3-5. With the addition to star forward Matt Duchene earlier this month, the team could become even more exciting. But they have one major problem, they aren't selling out games, at all.
If they don't put an arena downtown they're gone, Don Cherry stated during a segment on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night. I think they're just hanging on here in Ottawa, not drawing out, with a great team like that. 
Before the season debuted, the Senators reduced the Canadian Tire Centre by 1,500 seats because the team was struggling to sell out all 18,500 spots during the 2016-17 season. The seating is now 17,000. The Canadian Tire Centre is resided in the suburb of Kanata.

If they're not drawing out with that team, I say they're gone and I say they're going to Quebec, Cherry stated. It’ll be perfect—you've got a French coach, you've got a French general manager, you've got a lot of French guys, they'd be perfect moved in there, said Cherry, before turning his attention to the NHL commissioner. Gary, that's where they should go.
 Ottawa Senators club president and CEO, Tom Anselmi has spoken about ongoing arena and redeveloppement talks at LeBreton Flats during an interview on Prime Time Sports back in September, even though the talks are still early, they're a priority.

I don't want them to leave Ottawa,  said Cherry. But if they're not drawing, why the heck should they stay there?
If the Senators were to move, is Quebec the best place for them?

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