Fuel has been added to the Carey Price trade talks

You know how they say playing in Montreal is incredibly difficult? That the media will eat you alive? Well now I think we've seen the worst of it.

With star goaltender Carey Price out of commission since the 2nd of November, many reporters have been trying to figure out just why he is out this long, and why he was playing the way he was.

Reporters made the argument that Price simply wanted out of Montreal, and was going to ask for a trade, but then they took it too far and suggested that his wife was threatening a divorce if they did not leave Montreal.

Now Elliot Friedman even believes Price could in fact be moved. With both Carey and Angela Price coming out and saying publicly that they don't plan on getting divorced, he believes the media has crossed a line and now Carey might get moved as a means of protecting his family.

Frankly, I cannot disagree with Friedman, or Price if he were traded for that reason. The media in Montreal has taken it too far with this, and they did not know when to back off.

Similarly, Alex Galchenyuk was reported to have gone to a league-sponsored rehabilitation program by Mario Tremblay. However he did not give any sources, and instead used his history with the organization as a means of proving his point.

I understand that hockey in Montreal is religious, but this is just ridiculous, players or not, they still deserve their privacy, and deserve not to be lied about going to rehab. The Montreal hockey market has officially taken it too far this season, and they should recognize this and back off.

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