Gotta see it: Tarasenko drops gloves with Matthew Benning

It's not everyday that we see a superstar like Vladimir Tarasenko drop the gloves. Tarasenko took exception to a hit that Oilers' Matthew Benning delivered to Brayden Schenn.

The Blues were leading 3-0 in the second period when Matthew Benning portrayed a light leg-on-leg check to Brayden Schenn which unbalanced the young forward just a little, but Tarasenko didn't seem to like the hit and automatically went on the offensive against Benning.

The Russian forward challenged the young Oiler to drop the gloves and when Benning accepted, Tarasenko showed he wasn't afraid to throw punches. The fight earned Tarasenko the Gordie Howe Hat Trick after the night. Have a look at the fight: