MONSTER TRADE RUMOR: Shea Weber to Toronto

Montreal Canadiens' enormous gamble to acquire Shea Weber backfired completely in their face. The now infamous Subban-Weber trade is the hallmark of GM Marc Bergivin's tenure in Montreal. But what if Bergevin was to do it again.

TSN's Travis Yost has wondered if the struggles the Habs are currently going through could be result of the trade. The Canadiens knew that Weber had an enormous contract but remains a highly valued defenseman in the League and could be of interest of several rival organizations on the market. Although, Weber is 32 years of age and is pretty much past his prime.

Yost stated that the Toronto Maple Leafs would be willing to perform a trade with their rival french team for the defender.
You have to wonder if a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs would take a shot here. We know they have been sniffing around top-4 defenders for basically a year, Yost wrote in an article. The Leafs have recognized two key elements: (1) the team is very close to being a Stanley Cup contender; and (2) the team's fatal flaw is a young and inexperienced blueline that doesn't have that elite, No.1 defender. But there are so many other reasons for why the Leafs' interest in Weber could make sense.
However, what even makes more sense is that Toronto head coach Mike Babcock and Shea Weber have a great relationship with eachother which could help the organization. You have to keep in mind that this may be an improbable deal, but fairly possible one too.
If the Habs do seriously go through another losing stretch and incur some organizational change, a new regime might be much more inclined to get out of that Weber Contract and reset their clock for contention. 
But what would the Leafs give up to acquire Weber's services? They have a somewhat young team that could benefit the Canadiens if a trade were to happen.

Should the Leafs try and acquire Shea Weber?

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