RUMOR: Habs' best scorer on trade block

According to NHL insider Darren Dreger, Montreal GM Marc Bergevin is not desperate yet, even though the team is 27th in the League. But just might give up a forward in exchange for a big defenseman.

After a multitude of rumors involving Habs' players all season, it's Brendan Gallagher's turn to be mentioned. Apparently, the Habs' top scorer has been mentioned in trade talks. Darren Dreger took on the air of Montreal's TSN 690 earlier today and has made some pretty interesting statements.
I had a team on the weekend ask me about Gallagher, do I think the Canadiens would trade Gallagher. And my instant reaction was, 'No, I don't unless it's for a big defenseman that you're getting back or a piece that obviously is going to make you better,' because when I look at Brendan Gallgher - and correct me if I'm wrong, you guys see him on a night-in, night-out basis and I watch from afar- he still kind of exudes the work ethic and culture of what you'd want a team to be about, doesn't he? When you start moving pieces like that, it gets real dark, Dregger stated during the interview.  
If a team would be willing to part ways with a top defenseman in return for Gallagher what could actually happen? It has been reported that the Columbus Blue Jackets have been shopping for a top forward and would be ready to part ways with defenseman Ryan Murray. And Murray could be of use for the Montreal team since they need help on the blue line.

Is Ryan Murray for Brendan Gallgher a fair trade for both teams?

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