Team captain makes a controversial statement about his team

Coming off a 6-3 loss to the Minnesota Wild, the Montreal Canadiens are now 4-8-1 to start the year, one of the worst starts in franchise history.

In a post game interview, captain Max Pacioretty made a comment he will likely regret in the future. He told the reporters the team dug themselves into a hole too deep to get out of, which is shaping up to be a good analogy of both that game and the Habs season.

Normally a captain would continue to inspire their teammates through tough times, or at least keep grinding and lead by example. Pacioretty has done neither of these things, and is not looking like a team captain at the moment.

Some might argue Pacioretty is at risk of losing captaincy to Shea Weber or even Brendan Gallagher who seems like the only player who shows up consistently.

What do you think of Pacioretty's comment? Leave a comment down below.

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