10-year old suspended indefinitely by Hockey Alberta

A 10-year old from Calahoo, Alberta has been suspended indefinitely by Hockey Alberta. The reason is somewhat bizarre, playing in two different leagues at the same time.

10-year old Bryce Kohler wants nothing more than to lace them up and get on the ice to win some games with his team, the CR Knights. Kohler began his hockey season playing alongside with his local minor hockey association the Atom 1 CR Knights. He reportedly broke some rules when he started to play with Team Revolution Hockey out of Leduc, Alberta.

Somebody reported to Hockey Alberta that Kohler was playing with two different teams and was suspended from his minor hockey team. Team Revolution is playing a what most would consider a "super-league" as the team plays in a multitude of tournaments in and out of the province of Alberta and also against 8 other teams across the province.

According to Hockey Alberta rules, playing in two leagues is very bad, and Kohler was suspended from the league indefinitely.
We're upset because of the regulation itself, that Hockey Canada has the power to tell my son that he can't play anything else but minor hockey, Ryan Kohler, the 10-year old's father.
Bryce went on to write a heartfelt letter asking to be allowed back on the ice with the CR Knights:

Bryce's parents feel that the suspension is heavy-handed and mostly wrong.
It may be perceived as heavy-handed, but it's a policy and a process that gives the family, that gives the individual player, the choice, Brad Lyon a Hockey Alberta spokesperson stated. They can make the choice to which place they want to play, but that's the key - they have to make the decision on one, they can't do both.
Do you think the suspension is heavy-handed and wrong?

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