Dubas in, Lamoriello out?

It was announced earlier today that current Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello will not return as the team's GM next season. With that in mind, Toronto president Brendan Shanahan now has 2 choices to make; make Dubas or Hunter the new GM of the team.

The Athletic's James Mirtle has taken a look into one of the team's assistant GM, Kyle Dubas. Is making Kyle Dubas the new GM a bold move for the team? Mirtle also reported that the Colorado Avalanche tried very hard last season to try and hire Dubas, but were hung up on. As the Leafs were concerned that they'd lose Dubas to other teams, the team wanted to make Dubas stay with the team indefinitely. Even though, there are plenty of scenarios that could happen, TSN's Bob McKenzie believes what the future could hold for Dubas.  
The one thing - and again, it's just an opinion, don't take it to the bank because it's not a money-back guarantee - I believe sooner rather than later Kyle Dubas will be the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I think when he had the opportunity to go to Colorado and the Leafs blocked it, it was because Brendan Shanahan feels that Kyle Dubas is going to be a big-time general manager in the NHL, and he wants it to be in Toronto, McKenzie stated during a segment.
If it was to happen, defence would be a priority for the 32-year old Dubas, and the other dynamic to think of would be how the relationship would be with head coach Mike Babcock. Considering that Tampa Bay have been able to call up players from the minors every year and remain a cup contender every season. This might be what Shanahan is expecting from Dubas if he is to become the team's GM.

One cannot hide the fact that Mark Hunter still exists, and what he accomplished for the organization throughout the years and at the drafts it cannot go unnoticed. 

Who will be the next GM for Toronto?

Mark Hunter
Kyle Dubas

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