NHL Trade Rumors: Milan Lucic for Andrew Shaw

milan lucic nhl trade rumors

When Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli signed Milan Lucic to a massive 7-year contract for $6 million cap hit per season, many fans criticized the deal. Lucic has struggled this season, and many Edmonton fans want him moved.

The veteran left-winger has a full no movement clause until the end of the 2020-2021 season that he would need to waive in order for the Oilers to trade him. If Lucic waived his no movement clause then a potential trade is possible according to Allan Mitchell.

A Lucic-for-Shaw transaction with Montreal might be pretty straightforward, perhaps small pieces on each side added ala the Phaneuf-Gaborik trade. 
You can probably hear the media avails in each city. The Habs can talk about acquiring an enforcer who can play on a skill line, the first real one since John Ferguson (also from Vancouver) 50 years ago. The Oilers, after deciding on whether or not to buy out the Shaw deal, can talk about his face-off percentage and strong track record of success. In truth, both contracts are an overpay but for the Oilers there's one year and $2 million per season shaved off the cap. That has value.

The Habs were one of the teams rumored to be bidding on Milan Lucic when he was a free agent, and might offer Andrew Shaw for Milan Lucic.