RUMOR: Blockbuster Trade Rumour Between Buffalo and Montreal

Rumours of Ryan O'Reilly coming to the Montreal Canadiens are hardly a new thing. However Brian Wilde reported a potential blockbuster trade for O'Reilly yesterday.
Wilde reported yesterday of a potential trade for O'Reilly that would send either Max Pacioretty OR the 3rd overall pick to Buffalo.

This would be quite beneficial for both teams. It gives Buffalo an excellent winger (either with Pacioretty or Zadina via the 3rd overall pick) to play with Eichel.  It would also clear a lot of cap space for Buffalo (O'Reilly has a cap hit of 7.5 million for 5 more years) and give room for a player like Casey Mittelstadt to take on a larger role next season.

Montreal would get themselves a top-6 centre that they desperately need, and would not have to worry about possibly losing Pacioretty to free agency next season. Or if they gave up the 3rd overall pick, it would put the Canadiens back into a playoff capable team (assuming Price and Weber return to form next year).

Here is Wilde's tweet:

Would you like to see a trade like this go through?

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