The First Pictures of Tavares Wearing a Leafs Jersey Have Surfaced.......PS Matthews Was There

For the first time since being drafted into the league in 2009, John Tavares has donned the Blue & White.

The first photo have been released of JT wearing a leafs practice jersey. Strangely enough, arch enemy, Auston Matthews was also on the same ice surface for a skate on the same day. Crazy coincidence! (insert sarcasm here).

My favourite tweet which was shared by TSN after these pictures broke was:
I mean, obviously there is such a riff between JT & Matthews that they couldn't even agree on what colour jersey to wear (Please insert sarcasm again).

Its always fun to make fun of the mainstream media in Toronto. These two players obviously couldn't be happier. Hopefully we can soon put to rest the notion that there is anything but bliss in the Leafs locker room.

Have a great summer Leafs fans, this season should be an interesting ride and please don't get caught up in the conspiracy theories.

GO Leafs GO!