Eric Lindros puts forward bold idea to ban body contact from NHL

eric lindros ban body contact

Eric Lindros believes it’s time for the NHL to remove body contact from the game. It's hard to believe one of the NHL's most intimidating power forwards favors this controversial rule change. Lindros told Michael Traikos of The National Post.

Let’s get right to it. You talk about me playing. I love hockey and I continue playing hockey. But it’s funny — the hockey I was playing all those years was really physical, and I have just as much fun (these days), but we don’t run into one another. We’re still having as much fun, the same enjoyment of it. We know concussions are down in a league without contact.

Concussions are a serious problem in the NHL, and few are willing to take a stance. Lindros' stance may be unpopular by the teams, players, and fans, but he should be commended for his willingness to take a bold stance on an issue which he knows too well, since the Big E's 13-year career was cut short my multiple concussions.

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