BREAKING: Evander Kane Responds to Lawsuit Claims

It was reported earlier this week that Sharks winger Evander Kane was being sued over a "breach of contract" where he had promised to pay a woman $3 million dollars to have an abortion.
Needless to say the lawsuit, which was for a grand total of $6 million dollars ($3 million for aborting the child, and $3 million for emotional distress and intentional infliction), was met with a ton of scepticism. Kane's lawyer, Paul Cambria, issued a statement on Thursday:

"We've received notice of the filing of a lawsuit by someone referred to as Jane Doe alleging a breach of contract against Evander Kane. We firmly believe that this lawsuit is baseless both factually and legally. We will aggressively defend this claim in court on Evander's behalf and assert all applicable counterclaims."

Whether these allegations are true or not, only time will tell. However, if these allegations are untrue, this woman will have gotten herself into some serious trouble.

Kane recently signed a 7-year deal with the Sharks, which carries a cap-hit of $7-million dollars per season, so he certainly doesn't have any financial difficulties if these claims are true.

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