Top 15 most hated hockey players in today's NHL

Throughout the 101 years the National Hockey League has existed, there have been players adored by fans and then the players that are hated by mostly any hockey fans. In this list, we will take a look at the top 15 most hated NHL players in today's NHL, and why they are hated by most fanatics that follow the League.

15. Corey Perry - Anaheim Ducks
Drafted in 2003, Corey Perry quickly knew how to get underneath his opponent's skin, whether it was by trash talking, scoring the game winning goal or just constantly chirping with whoever he was facing. Even though he has won multiple gold medals with Team Canada throughout the years, he has been known to start countless fights for no apparent reasons besides him being him.

14. Dion Phaneuf - Los Angeles Kings
Starting his career in Calgary after being selected 9th overall back in '03, Phaneuf has been a physical player right from the get go. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, Phaneuf hasn't been afraid to lay out anyone who gets in his way. Although, many of his hits have been controversial, such as his open-ice hit on Kyle Okposo back in 2009 during an exhibition game, resulted in Okposo suffering a concussion. Even as a youngster, Phaneuf has been known for laying out the body. After playing for the Flames, Maple Leafs, Senators and the Kings, players have understood to let their guard down when Phaneuf is on the ice.

13. Phil Kessel - Pittsburgh Penguins
This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, Kessel is the kind of guy that go from a likeable guy to a guy you can hate with passion, just go ask Toronto Maple Leafs fans. He sort of showed his real colours back in 2016 when he wasn't selected on Team USA's roster for the World Cup and then he decided to bash the team when they lost. Team USA and current NHLer David Backes described the tweet as distasteful and aggravating.

12. Tom Wilson - Washington Capitals
This player shouldn't come too much of a surprise to many as Tom Wilson is disliked by fans and fellow NHLers alike. Known for making blindsided hits such as the one that got him suspended for three games during the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs, where he hit Pittsburgh Penguins' Zach Aston-Reese and broke his jaw. Even the one that got him suspended a whopping 20 games at the beginning of this season against St. Louis Blues' Oskar Sundqvist. Although he is beloved by Capitals fans, he is hated by many fans around the League.

11. Antoine Roussel - Vancouver Canucks
Known for his antics mostly in Dallas, this french player hasn't let his legacy up after signing in Vancouver during the off-season, after it appeared he bit Marc-Edouard Vlasic's finger during a scrum in Canucks' 4-0 loss to the San Jose Sharks Friday night.

10. Ryan Kesler - Anaheim Ducks
After being traded to the Ducks back in 2014, it seems Kesler has gained some hatred by many fans for his physical play, not being shy of telling linesmen his way of thinking, chirping fans in attendance and mostly being an all around get-under-your-skin kind of guy. In one instance last season, was when he and Ryan Johansen of the Predators got into a scrap and he started mocking Johansen as he skated to the dressing room for repairs. It started quite the Twitter feud between him and the Predators' centreman.

9. Drew Doughty - Los Angeles Kings
 Known for his big hits, his powerful shot and his big mouth, Drew Doughty makes the list at number 9. Especially his big mouth is what got him on this list, as he is known for trashtalking whoever he pleases. Back during the first round of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs, he and reported friend Logan Couture started "name-calling". Doughty knows he is one of the best of the best blue liners in the game today and hasn't been shy of saying the way he thinks of certain players like Matthew Tkachuk of the Calgary Flames last season.

8. Matthew Tkachuk - Calgary Flames
A player of the likes of Corey Perry, Tkachuk has a way of getting under any players' skin, especially Kings' Drew Doughty. Tkachuk hasn't been shy of laying big hits, trashtalking and just being an antagonising guy. Although we know about his feud with Doughty, Doughty claims that some of his buddies on other teams aren't a fan of Tkachuk.

7. Andrew Shaw - Montreal Canadiens
Playing for the Chicago Blackhawks and now the Montreal Canadiens, Shawzy is what an enforcer is in today's NHL. Not scared of saying what he feels, laying down a couple questionable hits and saying things that isn't accepted in today's day and age is what gets him on this list. A lot of things have landed Andrew Shaw in hot water during his career, but nothing as much as shouting a homophobic slur when he was playing with the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2015-16 season, which ultimately got him suspended for a game. He was also accused of shouting another homophobic slur back in 2017, but was cleared after an investigation was conducted by the NHL.

6. Patrick Kane - Chicago Blackhawks
 Fans and players alike don't like this star forward for mostly the same reasons, as he would split the defence of any teams with his fast hands and his speed. But his on-ice capabilities isn't what makes him hated by most fans. Back in 2015, Kane was accused of sexual assault, to which the case was dropped due to the evidence being inconclusive, and also that he allegedly hit a cab driver with his cousin James Kane. Kane's history is sort of like the Vancouver Canucks' Stanley Cup Loss riot, people always bring it up. His past and his hockey abilities is what makes him number 6 on our list.\

5. Nazem Kadri - Toronto Maple Leafs
Like most guys on this list, Kadri has a knack for trash-talking, making open-ice hits and starting fights just for kicks. Like back in 2016, Kadri leveled Vancouver Canucks's Daniel Sedin that set the tone for the rest of the game. Throughout the game, there were many fights and a line brawl that included the goaltenders which resulted in 157 total penalties in minutes. That same year, Hockey Night in Canada's host Don Cherry said it was an embarrassment that nobody stood up to Kadri when he kept punishing Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid with hits earlier that week.

4. Milan Lucic - Edmonton Oilers
Throughout his career, Lucic played for initially physical teams starting with the Boston Bruins, then the Los Angeles Kings then finally landing himself in Edmonton. He is known for laying down the body when and isn't scared to throw a couple haymakers. Although he is older than most guys on his current team, Lucic will stand up for his teammates and has taken the "big brother" role.

3. Dustin Brown - Los Angeles Kings
Dustin Brown is hated throughout the Pacific Division, and any player that enters Kings' territory know what they're going up against when they face Dustin Brown and his team. Brown is known for his hits and his knees, which makes him a disliked player. Back in 2013, Dustin Brown kneed state rival Tomas Hertl that resulted in Hertl being badly injured. Brown escaped suspension, which most fans think he got a pass on.

2. Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh Penguins
Known for his skill on the ice, Crosby is one of, if not the best player in today's NHL. He is hated because he can score as easily as counting one, two, three. Not only because of his offensive skill, it seems like he can get away with whatever he wants, and also just by talking with a referee he can magically overturn a penalty against him or his team. He is known for starting fights for no reason and also when playing against Pennsylvania rival Crosby seems to up his game and just antagonise out of the Flyers' players.

1- Brad Marchand - Boston Bruins
 The poster child for most hated players is without surprise Brad Marchand, known for his skill on the ice and his trash talking makes him easily number 1 on our list. His nickname isn't "the Rat" just because, it's because there are similarities between him and the original Rat, Ken Linseman. Although he is good, it seems he still seems to find a way to get himself into trouble no matter what. He is only liked by fans when he is on Team Canada it seems.

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