Update on William Nylander's case in Toronto

William Nylander is officially one of the restricted free agents to go this long since the NHL made the salary cap a thing. And two of the NHL's top insiders have stated they have some updates on what could happen with Nylander in this case.

Since the last two days, things have seemed to drastically change, multiple NHL insiders have started to report a change in negotiations between the two parties. It seemed like Toronto Maple Leafs' general manager Kyle Dubas was seriously thinking on trading Nylander after negotiations with other organizations failed, and a trip Dubas took to Europe to meet with Nylander.

Sportsnet's Chris Johnston has stated that both sides are close to coming to terms on a new deal that'll be accepted by both parties. It was previously reported that both parties didn't want a long term deal and it was completely out of the question. But after some considerations, it seems like there may be a long term deal that will happen.
It's interesting that a six-year deal, even at this late stage with next Saturday's deadline looming, remains a term that is possible for this deal, Johnston stated. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will be a 6-year deal, but that conversation is going. I believe that the Nylander side would accept something around $6,9 million - maybe a little bit above, a shave below seven. They have not yet got to that point but they are believed to be rather close.
 Earlier this week, former NHLer Marc Savard revealed that Nylander would accept a deal that it $6,9 million for the long term. Savard isn't technically a NHL insider, but has a reputation around the league to be informed from an insider source, and is something that seems to be approved by Johnston.

Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman has pitched in his two cents, saying that there is still some back and forth about the terms of the contract and that the gap is rather close to the demands of both parties. If this deal were to take place, this would make Nylander and his agent come down from the $8 million he initially asked for at the beginning of the talks.
I think they're within about half-a-million dollars with each other and they both feel like they've come a long way, Friedman stated during his segment. 
After this long, do you think Nylander will sign a long term deal at $6,9 million for 6 years?

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