Ryan Reaves signed photos of hit that injured Tom Wilson

Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves was ejected Tuesday night for a blindside hit that gave Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson a concussion.

Despicably, Reaves autographed photos of Wilson laying on the ice injured with the caption, “He ran into a Lion in the Jungle.” The photos appeared on the website of the Las Vegas-based memorabilia dealer Inscriptagraphs and Ebay briefly before they were taken down. The description of the photos states:

This photo is a must have photo for all VGK fans as it is from when Ryan laid out Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson on December 4, 2018! In addition, Ryan hand inscribed this photo “he ran into a lion in the jungle”: which is the quote he said after the game about the incident in which Ryan was ejected out of the game for!

The Washington Post’s Jacob Bogage reports that the autographed photos are real. A Vegas Golden Knights spokesman confirmed the photos have been destroyed.

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