Twitter feud between Logan Couture and reporter

Things got ugly really fast between Sharks' forward Logan Couture and The Athletic's Wyatt Arndt, when the reporter called Couture out for diving. This all started when Edmonton Oilers head coach Ken Hitchcock was displeased with the way the Canucks treated Connor McDavid.

The comments made by Hitchcock got fans around the League to ridicule both Hitchcock and McDavid for wanting special treatment. This is where Wyatt Arndt gets involved in calling out Logan Couture for diving.
Look, if Edmonton is so concerned about McDavid not drawing enough penalties, just enrol him at Logan Couture's Summer School of Snaps, where you learn to fling your head back regardless of if you were hooked, held, or tripped, Arndt said on Twitter
Arndt continued by publishing a video of Henrik Sedin 'murdering' Couture

Logan Couture is a man who once slid from his own zone, to center ice, and then ran to the dressing room, after a slight high stick. This guy knows how to sell. Like he literally corpsed his body and slid to center ice. It was amazing, Arndt continued on Twitter.
At this point, former Canucks' goaltender Eddie Lack has become part of the fun and decided to reply to Arndt's comments.
I don't know who Wyatt is but he seems to be obsessed with me, weird stuff. But Pettersson hit me directly in my eye, scratched my eye ball.... Wyatt claims to be a "media" member so he should ask Pettersson about the play. He apologized numerous times afterwards, Couture replied on Twitter.
Eddie Lack seemed to love the the ongoing feud both guys by commenting "Hahaha love it get him Logan!!!" Wyatt seemed to be displeased by saying that Lack is the worst friend. This is somewhat entertaining to watch as it began as a twosome, and ended in a threesome of name calling.

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