Former All-Star John Scott had a brush with death

Former All-Star John Scott lived a terrifying story last weekend at his house in Traverse City, Michigan.
His brush with death came when he decided to go shovel off a part of the Cedar Lake so he and his kids could go skating. That's when things made a turn for the worst when the ice he was standing on gave out beneath him.

Scott posted a video on his Instagram with his wife filming demonstrating the hole and what happened. He later went into more detail about the near-death experience with Chris Kuc of The Athletic.
It was a nice day, the sun was out so I thought I'd go and shovel it off and skate maybe that night or the next day. So I went down there with a couple of shovels, put the headphones on, stepped onto the ice and boom, right through.
At 260 pounds, the 6'8 former enforcer thought the ice was thick enough to hold his weight.
I couldn't get up on my dock the first three or four attempts because I was soaking wet - I was just drenched. I was like, 'OK, do I scream for the ice fisherman but how is he going to get me?' My kids were playing up at the house and they weren't going to hear me screaming with the noise up there. 
Have a look at Scott's Instagram video:

This goes to show that no matter what you look at, appearances can be misleading.

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