The Top 10 Worst NHL Jerseys of All Time

This top-ten list of the worst jerseys in NHL history spans over the decades throughout the league. Any jersey is a candidate for this list, expect for jerseys worn for all-star games, because that can be a list of its own.
Honorable Mentions
Sorry Islanders fans, but this looks like a glorified practice jersey. Why did they add the gray anyway?
This was a proposed jersey and logo change for the Quebec Nordiques that never came full circle. These look like old tracksuits that your dad still has in his closet from his high school glory days.
This classic terrible jersey is just an honorable mention because it looks alright, but there was just no need for any changes with the Flames jersey.

10. Boston Bruins Pooh Bear Jersey
If it's not broken, why fix it Boston? The friendly bear on the chest is only made worse by the awkwardly placed "Bruins" across the shoulders that just does not look right at all.

9. Nashville Predators Mustard Cat
No, this is not an old photo with washed out colors, this is how they looked on the ice. It does not help that the saber-tooth cat looks like it's yawning. Not a good look Nashville.

8. Calgary Flames Heritage Classic
There is so much wrong with this jersey. The stripes look like a mix of a colorful bumble bee and a jumpsuit worn by prison inmates. Sorry Calgary, just because it is old, does not mean you should bring it back.

7. New York Islanders Fish Sticks Jersey
This jersey has grown to have a cult following who are pushing to bring this monstrosity back. The awkwardly shaped waves that surround the terrible logo just makes for a sea of ugliness. Also, the fisherman on the chest looks an awful lot like the fisherman from Gorton's Fish Sticks.

6. Anaheim Might Ducks Cartoon Jersey
This looks like a jersey that an old lady would buy for her grandson who asked for a Mighty Ducks jersey for Christmas, thinking that is was cute and on sale. Come on Anaheim, everybody in the world just wants the original jersey back. Even the duck on the jersey is wearing it!

5. Montreal Canadiens Stripes
Montreal and Calgary need to learn that old, does not always mean good. These horrible striped jerseys have me yelling No Habs No!

4. Vancouver Canucks V
This is just an ugly jersey. The era of tracksuit jerseys was not a good one. The fact that the Canucks wore these for years is astonishing.

3. Los Angeles Kings Burger King Jersey
There is so much wrong with this jersey. The bizarre gradient sash going across the chest puts the Burger King logo in a tiny corner of the jersey. The colors that they chose makes it look they they ran out of money to have any real colors on them, so they stuck with white and gray with a hint of purple.

2. Dallas Stars Mooterus
The creativity that went into the jersey is respectable. However, attempting to recreate the constellation Taurus was a major flop. Did anybody on the team who designed this jersey take a middle school health class?

1. St. Louis Blues Trumpet Jersey
The only thing that needs to be said about this jersey is that the head coach of the Blues at the time refused to let his players wear it. How bad does a jersey have to be for the team to protest it? Apparently this bad.

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