Girl Offers To Do The Unthinkable in Aid of Mental Health

This die hard Habs fan vows to get a Maple Leafs tattoo if her #BellLetsTalk tweet reaches 200,000 retweets.

Sometimes in life there are more important things than hockey. Not often, but sometimes. Caitlyn Golem understands this well. The 22 year old native of Owen Sound embodies everything a true has fan should be, even to the point of putting a heart shaped Habs logo on her chest.

Caitlyn has put out a challenge on Twitter and has triggered Leafs Nation to help.

In an attempt to raise $10,000 on #BellLetsTalk day, Caitlyn has promised to get branded with a Maple Leafs tattoo if her goal is reached. A tattoo of the forever rivals of her Montreal Canadians.

No trickery here either folks. She promises to get a permanent tattoo and one which is in no way disrespectful to the Maple Leafs.

I wish there were more people out there like this young woman as she obviously understands what is truly important. Hats off to you Caitlyn.

Leafs Nation claims to have the best fans in the world. Time to prove it.

This costs absolutely nothing and takes you literally seconds to do. Please give her tweet a retweet and help end the stigma around mental health


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