Video: Henrik Lundqvist Breaks Down When Asked About Mats Zuccarello

As hockey fans, we can often forget that hockey players are people too. Especially around the trade deadline, emotions run really high. Friendships are split due to players being sent around the league, and it can be very tough for everyone involved.

This was the case for Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, whose longtime friend and teammate Mats Zuccarello was traded to the Dallas Stars just yesterday.

After dropping game to the Washington Capitals, Lundqvist was interviewed and asked about the impact of losing a player like Zuccarello. After fighting back tears and making a few attempts to respond, Lundqvist couldn't answer.

Zuccarello and Lundqvist had been teammates since 2010, since Zuccarello's NHL debut. The two were close friends for just under 10 years, so this must be incredibly difficult for both of them.

Here is the video of Lundqvist's interview.

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