Carolina Hurricanes destroy Islanders fans for the way they acted against John Tavares

Things got ugly on Twitter yesterday between the Carolina Hurricanes official Twitter account and a New York Islanders fan. Carolina went on and took at a shot at every Isles fans that booed and chucked plastic snakes at John Tavares during his return to Long Island.

The Carolina absolutely destroyed the New York Islanders fans for the way they acted when former captain John Tavares returned to Long Island and the fans booed and threw plastic snakes at him during the warm-up and throughout the game.

Since the beginning of the season, the Carolina Hurricanes have attracted attention to themselves for their new home game post-game celebrations called the "Storm Surge" that has been widely criticized by Don Cherry and Brian Burke.

One Islanders fan thought he would be funny and got destroyed along with all Isles fans involved in the Tavares affair.

Needless to say, the fan tried to respond, but ultimately got shut down by everyone else.

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