Mark Wahlberg chirps Tie Domi while wishing Max a happy birthday

Actor Mark Wahlberg decided to send a little chirp Tie Domi's way when he wished Max a happy birthday today.

Mark Wahlberg is a Domi family friend and was proud to wish Max a happy birthday and didn't waste any time before chirping Max's old man, Tie.
Happy birthday @Max - I am very proud of you buddy! You've scored more goals than @Tie_Domi career in just the first week of play. Keep making us proud, Wahlberg wished Max on Instagram. 
 Wahlberg knows a lot of sports stars as just recently, he released a Q&A with another friend, Jimmy Butler. Wahlberg has been a family friend of the Domis for quite some time as he posted a picture of him and Max when they were both younger.

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