Devan Dubnyk sounds off on Ryan Johansen for his 'mockery' of the shootout

Devan Dubnyk has seen enough from Ryan Johansen. The Minnesota Wild goaltender was not shy when asked about Johansen's slow-paced shootout moves.

I don't mind shootouts, but if you want some example of why maybe not, there's one. That's two games in a row. It's a mockery. We're trying to make the playoffs. To me, he's completely stopped, it's frustrating. That's two games in a row. He shoves Al's pad in the net. If he's not stopped, he's not stopped. But I don't understand how you come in and stop at the top of the crease and stand there and stickhandle and wait.
The NHL currently does not have a rule in place to govern how fast or slow a player must be skating while completing a shootout attempt. With more goalies becoming vocal in the matter, it appears it won't be long before something changes.

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