48% of NHL reps want Playoffs format change

Winning the Stanley Cup is the hardest championship to win, according to most. You have to win 16 games, constantly be on the top of your game and only the best team wins the historic trophy. But since 2013, many fans and players alike have dislike the NHL's way of doing the playoffs.

According to an Associated Press/Canadian Press survey, almost half of NHLPA Representatives are in favour of changing the playoffs format. In 2013, the NHL went back to their roots and reinstated the divisional structure similar to what was used from 1982 to 1993 in part to revive some rivalries.
It's kind of tough the fact that a lot of good teams are going out first or second rounds, Columbus' David Savard stated during an interview. I think maybe we need to look back at maybe 1 against 8, and play that format.
From March 7th to April 4th, the Associated Press/Canadian Press surveyed NHL players about the playoff format. 15 players said the playoff format should be changed (48,4%), seven players said it should stay the same (22.6%) and nine players said they were noncommittal (29%).
I think it's good for rivalries, New Jersey netminder told the media. I think it's good for the teams seeing each other year after year. You can cry what's fair or not fair, the two best teams meeting in the second round, but it's going to be great hockey one way or another. I think that's the best part about the playoffs is that it's a two-month gladiator even where everyone just beats the crap out of each other.
Should the NHL return to the 1-through-8 playoff format, or should they keep the current divisional format?

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