Rumor: James Neal to the Buffalo Sabres

Since his arrival in Calgary, Neal hasn't been doing what was expected from him. And after being a healthy scratch in Game 5 against the Colorado Avalanche, according to The Hockey News' Brian Costello, he could be dealt to the Buffalo Sabres in the off-season.

Given the atrocious way the playoffs went for Calgary, Costello believes that the Flames will look to shake up their lineup for the 2019-20 season. With a horrendous contract like Neal's, 5-year, $28.75M contract is what could leave him the odd man out this off-season. If the Flames got what they expected from him this season, it wouldn't be a problem, but appearing in 63 games and scoring just 19 points, his production has sent nothing but alarm bells to Calgary management.

Although Neal has an atrocious contract and could be very difficult to move, Costello believes that the Flames could do a bad-contract-for-bad-contract trade with Buffalo. Buffalo has Kyle Okposo who hasn't done much also.
Maybe the best recourse is a bad-contract-for-bad-contract trade, Costello stated. Neal to Buffalo for Kyle Okposo (4-year, $6M AAV)? That might help both players and both teams. 
Like Neal, Okposo has 4 years remaining on his contract and although he does count for an additional $250,000 against the cap each season, a change of scenery wouldn't be too much to ask for. For the Sabres, they get a gritty veteran that doesn't produce like he used to and Calgary gets the same.

What are your thoughts on the proposed trade by Costello?

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