Brother of injured Humboldt Broncos Ryan Straschnitzki sideswiped by drunk driver

Ryan Straschnitzki's, one of the Humboldt Broncos players injured in the devastating bus crash in 2018, 16-year old brother Jett was involved in a car crash this past weekend. Jett wasn't injured in the motor vehicle accident, but his parents are shaken

He had four people he was driving home because he was the designated driver, Tom Straschnitzki, their father said in an interview. The other driver came out of the corner and just about T-boned him, but she corrected and just sideswiped them.
Jett was upset because of what happened to his older brother, but believes that the thought of his older brother helped him pull through. This isn't the first scare since the disaster that the Straschnitzki family has had. Last December, Ryan was riding in a handi-bus on his way home from physiotherapy when the bus was rear-ended by a truck.

The force of the accident threw Ryan from his wheelchair and triggered flashbacks from the April 2018 event. The mother, Michelle only got told about the incident a day later.
I burst into tears. I mean this was too much. I just want things to go back to normal for a bit.

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