Max Pacioretty disses Montreal fans and GM Marc Bergevin

During an optional practice yesterday, some Quebec journalists had the chance to interview an old friend. That friend is former Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty, and boy is he ever loving it in Vegas.

One to have been the captain and the face of one of the most historic organizations in the world has never seemed so relaxed. When asked how he liked it in Vegas, Pacioretty had only positive things to say about the franchise.
It's nice here. The way the organization works with their players is amazing. Everything is set up in the way that the only thing players have to worry about is jumping on the ice and producing, the former Canadien told the media. It's an organization that, since the expansion, is 100 per cent behind their players. At the end of the day, it's what every player is searching for. You want the management, the coaching staff and the other players to trust you. That's the way this team works and it's very pleasant to be a part of it.
Although everything wasn't always so perfect when Pacioretty arrived in Vegas. All you have to do is look at his first 15 games where he only scored twice or his season where he notched 40 points for a somewhat moderate season.
When you're in the middle of a rut or you lose a couple games, here, the general manager [George McPhee] is the first to come down to the dressing room and tap you on the back, Pacioretty says trying to hide a subtle chuckle, hinting at Marc Bergevin.
Here, we don't need the public's opinion on how to play. In this dressing room, we know when we're playing well or when we're way off track and our coaching staff treats us the same way. The management is always honest and constantly communicates with you. It's a very honest group we have here.
Quite the statements coming from the former Montreal Canadiens captain.

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