Rumor: James Neal to Vancouver Canucks

As we all know, things between James Neal and the Calgary Flames soured after Neal didn't pan out for the Alberta organization. The Flames are seriously looking to move the veteran forward and might also pay a premium to get rid of the Neal's contract according to one NHL insider.

According to The Athletic's Jason Botchford, the Calgary Flames are looking to part ways with veteran forward after he didn't pan out the way the Flames would have liked. Botchford believes a trade between rivals could take place, a trade with the Vancouver Canucks.
They can go an aggressively take on (contracts), take on James Neal from Calgary. What would Calgary give you? I think they would give you significant assets in return. And he was good not so long ago. The year before this season he was legitimately good, Botchford stated.
But why would the Canucks take on another bad contract? They already have Loui Eriksson and Brandon Sutter, and they just got rid of Erik Gudbranson's. But according to Botchford, the Flames are so desperate to get rid of Neal's contract that they would be willing to pay the Canucks a premium to take Neal.
To me, if I'm Calgary and they have to pay Tkachuk, I'm thinking it's a first and a prospect. And a good one, like Dillon Dube. 
 If you were the Canucks, would you accept this trade?

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