Kuznetsov releases statement regarding incriminating video

Washington Capitals forward Evegny Kuznetsov has released a statement regarding the incriminating video that shows him behind a table with a white powdery substance that is thought to be cocaine.

Yes, I saw the video appear on the network. I do not always have something to do with what is happening next to me. I have never used drugs and I am not going to get involved in this. If I have questions, I am ready to undergo a medical examination at any time, Kuzy stated. I just went to my friends room. When I saw what was happening - unfamiliar women, strange substances on the table - I called a friend and left there as soon as possible. I have nothing to hide, let it remain on the conscience of the one who posted this video.
This could be a possible case of wrong place, wrong time for Kuznetsov. The original video was deleted, but many copies of the video have surfaced.

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