Must See: Boston Radio Host Who Hung Up On Carolina Reporter Fires Back!

WBZ-FM radio show host Fred Toucher, made headlines last week after hanging up on Carolina Hurricanes reporter Chip Alexander, live on air because he could not stand his Southern accent. Toucher took to Twitter Monday afternoon to attack Alexander again, and the state of North Carolina.

For someone who was bold enough to hang up on a well-respected reporter like Chip Alexander, it should be no surprise that he takes to Twitter to attack him again.

The funny thing is, the post Toucher retweeted and ranted on, was a post from May 3rd, before the Hurricanes or the Bruins even had made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and before he even had the original radio Show!

Hurricanes reporter Chip Alexander was then a guest on a radio show with NHL Network Radio host, Nick Alberga, where he was praised for how well he handled the entire situation with Toucher.

No matter where you are from, or what team you support, this does not seem like the smartest way to handle any criticism you get from your previous actions.

Audio Clip from Toucher Hanging Up On Alexander

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