NHL Trade Rumor: Vancouver's Loui Eriksson to Ottawa

According to TSN's Ray Ferraro, the Ottawa Senators have spoke with the Vancouver Canucks regarding Loui Eriksson's availability.

The Vancouver Canucks may have finally found a taker for Loui Eriksson's atrocious contract, the Ottawa Senators. According to Ray Ferraro, the Senators have expressed the will to take on Eriksson's contract.
I can't imagine that there is going to be a lot of teams lining up [to acquire Eriksson], but one team I see is Ottawa, Ferraro stated during segment on TSN 1040. They're going to have to acquire players to get to the floor [salary cap floor], they're really young, so they're going to have to acquire some money to get to whatever the floor is going to be this year. 
Vancouver will have to add a sweetener for Ottawa to take on Eriksson's contract. Could we see Eriksson in red and black next season?

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