Report: Boston Bruins' Charlie McAvoy declined an 8-year extension with the organization

According to The Athletic's Fluto Shinzawa, McAvoy rejected a long-term contract extension. Shinzawa claims that Boston offered McAvoy an 8-year, $60 million contract extension back in February.

Last February, the Boston Bruins offered Charlie McAvoy an 8-year, $60 million contract extension that he enventually turned down. The Bruins offered McAvoy a deal similar to Florida's Aaron Ekblad, but McAvoy reportedly wants more.

According to Shinzawa, McAvoy wants roughly an $8 million cap hit, which would make him the highest paid Bruin, ahead of David Krejci at $7.25 million.
The Bruins will try to dig a little bit. They'll point to his games and they'll use [David] Pastrnak, who's a superstar. It'll be a tough deal to do, a tough deal to evaluate. It may end up that a solution is four year, an anonymous agent told Shinzawa.
 Do you think McAvoy is worth what he is asking?

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